Presenters: Dr. Gary Severance, 

Dr. Nathan Suter


COVID-19 & Dentistry:

Practical Applications in Teledentistry

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Tuesday, April, 28th @ 2 PM ET

Join Dr. Gary Severance, Executive Director of Professional Relations for Henry Schein, for the latest update on how COVID-19 is affecting dentistry. In this episode Dr. Severance will be joined by Dr. Nathan Suter, practicing general dentist and owner of Access Teledentistry, for an in-depth look at how COVID-19 and telehealth are changing the landscape of dentistry during the shutdown and for the foreseeable future. Dr. Suter will discuss the role that telehealth can play in re-opening the practice, servicing high-risk populations after re-opening, and how integrating telehealth into the practice on a more permanent basis can drive additional revenue and more efficiency. He will also share turnkey solutions including specific recommended technologies and workflows that can be leveraged to get practices started with telehealth.

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